About MAWG

In early 2005, three men joined together for a purpose. That purpose, to expand and deepen the bonds of fraternal camaraderie through the drinking of beer and the telling of fart jokes. This summit brought together disparate personalities ranging from “White guy in his late twenties” to “White guy in his late thirties;” and from this and a succession of now legendary gatherings ranging across this great country (“this great country” being primarily lower eastern Pennsylvania Applebees and Red Lobsters), arose a common theme; an understanding; a realization. We are so freaking awesome, we need a blog to share our genius.


So... uh... this is the blog.  Keep an eye out for that genius.


By the by, while planning one outing to Longhorn steakhouse via e-mail, we apparently got so excited we each felt the need to compose an ode to the occasion:



We are MAWG. MAWG are we.

If you take one, add two, that's three.

MAWG MAWG MAWG, all night thru,

May-be not that long, that's true,

but long enough for tiramisu.


Peach cobbler or chocolate eclair,

get your own, cause Men don't share

well, one time we did, but we'd never stray

If you're MAWG, you can't be ..a fruitcake




- Uncle Wrunkle



Tis not for naught

What MAWG hast wrought

When manly men to Longhorn brought


Our band of three,

Nate, Jim and me.

Joined in merry revelry.


Our hungers' quake;

Not quick to slake;

We feast 'pon ale and bloody steak.


Guffaws resound

As tales abound

Of how to get "Jack Juice" off the ground


As night wears way,

Still there we stay;

Our waitress wondering "Are they gay?"


- Grizzly




men, manly men,

together again,

out on the suburban town.


better than cable,

eating filet bull,

wearing our mawg like a crown.


a pretty good call,

a joint near the mall,

the natural environs of we fools.


the usual six thirty,

we'll drink and act dirty,

away from the elemen-try schools.


we relish the chance,

we'll go wild, lose our pants,

do something of which we're ashamed.


hey no, don't do that, Jim,

yes, officer, that's him,

all get nabbed and handcuffed, then arraigned.


who are we kidding,

the economy skidding,

with our home duties and debt, quite majestic.


we'll have our fun talkin,

quote some yoda and walken,

waiter, more cowbell for these mawgs, pure domestic.


- Mensa Flav


And thus our little corner of the Internet was born; which, much like our actual children, we will try to find time to tend to whenever nothing good is on T.V.

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