Machine Gun Preacher

So there's this movie coming out starring Gerard Butler, called "Machine Gun Preacher."  I support that premise.  I embrace it in the way I embrace "Hobo with a Shotgun"  (also a real movie if you didn't know).  Any movie that puts a deadly weapon in the hands of someone you maybe find uncomfortable to be around, but not necessarily immediately threatening, is a good idea.  "Proctologist with a Glock"... that's gold, baby.  I did have a problem with the poster though.  Here it is...

My problem with it is the tagline, "Hope is the greatest weapon of all."  If that's the case, why is this movie not called "Hope Preacher."  Why is he shown holding a machine gun?  Is it loaded with hope?  


Maybe that little boy behind him is named Hope, and he is some kind of knife throwing assassin.  That would be awesome. 

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