Shingo Duke

San Francisco’s Chinatown – circa 2072. The man in black pulls a final drag from his cigarillo; his gaze methodically taking in his surroundings. The storefront is not atypical. Grimy windows with Chinese lettering etched into the glass; a holographic chicken hangs in the window. He tosses what's left of the smoke to the wooden planks which now pass for a sidewalk in this town, and crushes it beneath his boot heel. He pushes open the storefront door. Inside a short, plump old woman stands behind the counter. Every inch of the shop is filled with a vast array of bottles and jars, hand labeled and containing an innumerable assortment of exotic materials; more than one label, the man notices, contains the Chinese symbol for penis.


The old woman glares at the man.


Old Woman: "You want tiger penis!" She demanded.


Man: "What? No... I'm looking..."


Old Woman: "You look at tiger penis. You buy. Make good chop chop."


Man: "I don't... I'm not even sure what that means. I'm looking for a man...(the man paused for dramatic effect...) named Kang."


Old Woman: "Ah, you want Kang penis! Ha. Me make good joke!"


Man: "No, look..."


Without warning, the old woman launched herself at the man in black, driving him into a wall of jars which crashed to the ground. The man grabbed the old woman, lifted her over his head and threw her back over the counter, slamming her into more jars on the far wall. The old woman rose from behind the counter, half of her face burned away by the contents of one (or many) of the smashed containers; revealing a mass of metal and circuitry where her flesh used to be. The woman raised her hand, now a putrid mix of flesh and machinery, as the man in black pulled his pistols and unloaded both magazines into the old woman.


The man in black stood over the body of the woman reloading his weapons as the occasional spark emitted from her body. She lay in a pool of muck and glass; the remnants of her shattered inventory. The contents of many of the jars, now free of their containers, wiggled on the floor around her.


The man in black looked down. "God damn cyborgs" he spat. He knelt down. Placing his fingers at the base of her throat, he pushed through her skin. A mix of blood and white pus oozed from the wound. He felt around until he found a latch, then pulled until he heard a distinctive click. He removed his fingers from her throat, then grabbed her head with both hands and twisted. The machinery of the skull now detached, the skin stretched and ripped easily; the man in black stood with the old woman's severed cyborg head held in his hands.


He moved to the back of the store, through a partially camouflaged hallway leading to a large steel door. Next to the door, attached to the wall, was a small glowing disk. The man in black held the cyborg head up facing the disk. "Retinal scan approved," said the building's security system as the metal door slid up into the ceiling. "Tiger penis. Chop Chop." Replied the severed head.


The man in black looked into a smoke filled windowless room with seven men sitting at a small round table playing poker (most likely holographic poker, it being the future and all). The men looked up at him, standing silhouetted in the doorway holding the severed head of the old woman/cyborg under his arm. He threw the head onto the center of the table.


"I'm looking for a man... named Kang."


The men, suitably impressed by the dramatic pause, stood, drawing an array of weapons ranging from hand guns to what looks like a laser/crossbow hybrid. With the speed of a boob flash from a sorority girl on spring break, the man in black drew his pistols and unloaded them into the men, killing all but one, and, just for fun, shooting several in the balls first. The one man still living lay on the floor clutching his balls and begging that they not be shot off. The man in black holstered his weapons, strode confidently over to the man, and grabbed him by his collar. His face now inches from the panicked thug, the man in black demanded in a gravely whisper; "Where is Kang!"


"He's not here, man! I swear! He'll be back in town tomorrow!"


The man in black released the thug, and said, "You tell him I'm looking for him." then turned to leave.


"Who are you, man!?" The thug cried.


The man in black looked back, "I'm Shingo Duke." he said, as he pulled his pistol and shot the thug in the balls.


To be continued...


- Grizzly

Shingo Duke:  He'll shoot you in the balls...
Shingo Duke: He'll shoot you in the balls...

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