Staccato Theatre - Part One

Ted Kaczynski - You know man, it's gotta stop.


Dirt Bike - Ba ding ding ding ding ding


Ted - Nah, it's these politicians man. I'm voting and you're voting man, so what else is there, right?


Dirt Bike - Braaa dung ding ding ding


Ted - It's all in how you look at it. Throw Washington in jail, man. Nothing but a bunch of crooks.


Dirt Bike - Brup...brum brum brum


Ted - What? You don't  even understand dude. They're the reason our taxes are so high. They're killing us.


Dirt Bike - Butta dum dung ding ding ding


Ted - How could you think that they didn't ruin our envinronment?!? We don't even have any trees left man, how am I supposed to breath!?!


Dirt Bike - Ding butta din din din din BRAAAP butta ding ding ding


Ted - You know what, just go back into your little hole man. Just keep thinking that you're not getting totally screwed by the man. You know, I'd love to be as ignorent as you, I would.


Dirt Bike - din din din din din din din din...


Ted - Fuck you, I've always had my hair like this.

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