The Believer

"I do not need a plane" he said,

"if I want to fly."

"I only need a little faith,

and I will reach the sky."


His friends all scoffed and said to him,

"Man, faith is not enough.

You need wings to fly, a motor, prop,

and all that kind of stuff."


"But birds do fly," he said to them

"and they need none of these.

To them it is a simple task

to sore among the trees."


With that he turned and walked away

He knew where he should be

Flying through a wind-swept night

In to a star filled sea


He climbed the highest rooftop

In all his little town

No shred of fear within his heart

He just smiled, and looked around


He stepped off from that rooftop

Only confidence did he show

As he splattered like a grapefruit

On the street below


The End


- Grizzly

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